Who we are.

Summit Automotive Partners is an integrated group of successful dealerships committed to building lasting relationships with our customers, employees, manufacturers, and local communities. Our broad resources and technology capabilities, combined with the expertise of our dealership partners, allow us to create an unmatched sales and service experience. We will continue to fuel our growth through customer and employee empowerment, acquiring or partnering with outstanding dealership groups and by bringing a collaborative approach to every facet of our operations.

Our story.

Summit Automotive Partners is a privately held automotive management group headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Summit Automotive Partners was founded on a set of firm beliefs: long-term relationships, the empowerment of employees and customers and the innovation and creativity that come from a positive work environment.

It’s not business as usual – it’s business as it should be.

Our dealership network.

All our dealerships are built on small town values but have the advantage of a big town network to support them. This network enables each to offer superior selection and volume, distinctive leadership, and a consistent experience that our customers have come to expect. Summit Automotive Partners is building its dealership network through the acquisition of dealerships and dealership groups with excellent track records in sales, service, and customer satisfaction. Our dealership network currently includes Berlin City Auto Group with locations in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont; Groove Auto with locations in the Denver Metro, and Colorado Springs; and Vista Auto in Casper, Wyoming. Together, they represent 15 great manufacturing brands. It’s the combined enthusiasm and confidence of our manufacturers and our dealership partners that supports our continued growth. 

Our philosophies

What we
believe in.

We believe in an open, collaborative approach to all aspects of our operations. We work hard to create a customer-centric environment for a smooth, transparent, and easy sales and service experience.  While also empowering our employees and supporting outstanding individual achievements, ethical business practices and a fun and passionate workplace. As members of the Summit Automotive Partners family, our employees have access to some of the most advanced resources and tools in the automotive industry. Our dealership management goal is to foster a positive work environment, a focus on teamwork and a drive for innovative solutions. More importantly, we understand that our employees are the foundation of our success. Without them, we could not deliver the unrivaled ownership experience that customers have come to expect from Summit Automotive Partners’ dealerships. From human resource development to supportive management to opportunities for advancement, our employees know that when they work for a Summit Automotive Partners dealership, they get the very best. 

Core values.

At Summit Automotive Partners, our core values include:

Integrity + Passion + Humility

It takes a team to reach the top. At Summit Automotive we have lofty goals: to be the best network of dealerships in the nation. To get there, it takes good people, committed to a set of core values. Each of us living Humility, Integrity, and Passion every day, passing it on to every person who interacts with us in person, or online. 

Our reputation is simply how we embody our core values with our customers. Each positive interaction is another step towards reaching the peak. When you need a reminder, look at this core value guide to remember what we are as a Summit team, our goals as people and as a company, and the heights we aspire to reach. Together we can achieve great things. 


Humility starts with selflessness, doing what is best for your team and your company, before yourself. We are respectful, truthful, and confident but never arrogant.

We seek and provide honest feedback and are open to learn from our mistakes and successes in equal measure.

Humility does not mean saying everything that’s on our minds, it means speaking with good intention and always acting with Integrity.


Integrity is meaning what we say and saying what we mean. We strive to do what’s right, even when no one is looking. We want to gain our customers trust, and the only way to do that is with fair, honest actions all the time.

We don’t make commitments we can’t honor or promises we can’t keep. We want our customers to feel like time with us is more than a transaction, it’s a positive encounter.  An experience that makes them feel served by people who are genuinely Passionate about providing the best experience possible. 


Because no one wakes up in the morning and says, “I want to be mediocre today.” We make some big promises to our customers and our stakeholders, and we can’t deliver on those promises without passion in our work and our processes. We love what we do and approach our job every day with energy, excitement, determination, and drive to enhance the customer experience.

Driving for
a Better

Our strong belief in giving back to our local communities prompted Summit to create the Keep Driving Foundation. A portion of every vehicle sold or serviced is given to a fund dedicated to enriching the lives of children and families in need by providing the support they need to thrive.

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